Best Fat Burners For Men

See which Fat Burner can help you hit your weight loss goals
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Losing weight isn’t easy, and while a good diet and regular exercise is the key to success, sometimes you may need a little extra support. In which case, you may be considering which are the best fat burners for men.

A ‘fat burner’ is a product designed to assist with weight loss. Manufacturers create these supplements by using natural ingredients like plant extracts and vitamins that have been linked to losing weight in some way.

These supplements may be popular in general, but they don’t have the best reputation. Often, they’re sold as miracle cures to help you drop weight, when in fact they are not proven or even likely to do so.

With that in mind, we need to clarify that so-called ‘fat burners’ aren’t going to make you lose weight alone.

Fat burners for men are increasing in popularity with many consumers claim they help them with their efforts and they could act as a crutch when things get hard.

Let’s take a look at the best fat burners for men in 2019 to help you find a safe and effective product.

Best Fat Burners For Men 1
Best Fat Burners For Men Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

 Erases stubborn fat
 Supresses appetite
 Improves metabolism
 Well researched ingredients


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Best Fat Burners For Men 2
Best Fat Burners For Men Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn

 No added stimulants
 Optimal doses
 Reduced hunger cravings
 No side effects


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Best Fat Burners For Men 3
Best Fat Burners For Men Hourglass


 Melt belly fat
 100% natural & safe
 Designed for men & women
 Reduces cravings


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Best Fat Burners For Men 4
Best Fat Burners For Men PhysiqueSeries

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

 Science-based fat loss
 Natural ingredients
 Increased metabolism
 Appetite supressant


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Best Fat Burners For Men 5

Jym Shred

 Avoids propietary blends
 Boosts fat burning
 Enhances metabolism
 Value for money


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Best Fat Burners For Men 6
Best Fat Burners For Men Hydroxycut Next Gen

Hydroxycut Next Gen

 Boosts energy
 Improves focus
 Suitable for vegetarians
 Well researched formula


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Best Fat Burners For Men 7
Best Fat Burners For Men Evlution Lean Mode

Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode

 No added stimulants
 Supports metabolism
 Reputable manufacturer
 Proven ingredients


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Best Fat Burners For Men 8
Best Fat Burners For Men Vintage Burn

Vintage Burn

 Maintains muscle mass
 Burns stubborn belly fat
 Reduces cravings
 Money back Guarantee


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Best Fat Burners For Men 9
Best Fat Burners For Men Cellucor SuperHD

Cellucor SuperHD

 Amazon highly rated
 Boosts energy
 Enhances metabolism
 Increases focus


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Best Fat Burners For Men 10
Best Fat Burners For Men Thermo Detonator

Thermo Detonator

 #1 Best seller on Amazon
 Reduces food cravings
 Increases energy levels
 Potent doeses


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Do Fat Burners Work?

 There is no ‘miracle pill’ to help you lose weight, sitting on the sofa and eating poorly whilst taking a fat burner won’t help you hit your weight-loss goals.

Fat burners for men are designed to help support your goals alongside a calorie controlled diet and an active lifestyle. To lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit, this means that you burn more calories than you eat – the calorie goals differ by person and we’d advise speaking to your doctor if you’d like to know your ideal calorie intake for weight loss.

Whilst no single fat burner has been proved to increase weight loss, the ingredients within most fat burner supplements have been clinically tested and have been proven to help people lose weight.

What’s In A Fat Burner? 

No two fat burners are ever the same, they’ll include different ingredients and at different dosages. Some fat burners will use fewer ingredients at a higher dosage and others will have a wide range of ingredients at smaller doses. 

There are a quite a few ingredients that we look for when choosing a fat burner as they can help your weight-loss goals in different ways. The ingredients we usually like to see in a formula is Glucomannan, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B12 & Zinc. 

One thing to be wary of is proprietary blends – this is where the manufacturer doesn’t give you the exact dosages for each ingredient and will throw them all in together. This means you could be getting small doses of key ingredients and large doses of cheap. ineffective ingredients. You’ll find that supplements at the top of the rankings do not contain proprietary as we prefer to know exactly what we’re putting in to our body. 

What Does A Fat Burner Do? 

 There are four key ways that a fat burner can work for you, but not all fat burner supplements contain the ingredients to be effective on all four fronts. 

Here are the effects a fat burner can have: 

  • Increase metabolism
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Reduce cravings
  • Increases fat oxidation 

As we mentioned, if a fat burner can do all four of these, and do it safely, then you should be on your way to your weight-loss goal.

Are Fat Burners Safe? 

That will depend on two things; the ingredients and your tolerance levels.

Although most fat burners are made from natural ingredients, if you’re allergic or have a low tolerance to any ingredients you may feel the side effects. An example of this is Caffeine – if you have a low tolerance level you may feel jittery, have an upset stomach, disrupted sleep and other side effects caused by high Caffeine intake. Please make sure you consult your doctor before starting any supplementation. 

There are some ingredients we’d typically avoid, one of these is bitter orange (Synephrine) as it has been proven to be quite dangerous with quite alarming heart related side effects. If you do choose a fat burner that contains Synephrine, make sure you follow the instructions and never take more than advised.

Our last bit of safety advice would be to avoid proprietary blends if you can – although they don’t hide harmful ingredients, they can hide the dosage of natural ingredients that can cause side effects at high dosages.



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